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Every assignment will have specific guidelines that outline the purpose and requirements of the assignment and the criteria used to assess your work. You can access all assignment information via the Assignment Sheets on this website, and we will go over each assignment in class, with time for questions. I also encourage you to meet with me soon after I have gone over the assignment to discuss your ideas. Although the assignments are designed to be challenging, and often ask you to be a problem-solver, you do not need to feel confused about what you are being asked to do. If you are, please meet with me during my office hours (or make an appointment to meet with me at another time). Evaluation will be based on the Writing and Communication Program’s Programmatic Rubric, available here. Qualities on the rubric do not correlate to specific grades; rather, your assignment will be evaluated holistically.


Each assignment will be awarded points that contribute to a total course value of 1,000 points. End-of-semester grades will correspond to the following point equivalencies:

A: 900-1,000 points

B: 800-899 points

C: 700-799 points

D: 600-699 points

F: 600 points or fewer


Please Note: Some scholarships, including the Hope Scholarship, require you to maintain a certain GPA. I am committed to equitable, ethical, and fair grading, and am always happy to discuss strategies for improvement with you. I will not, however, negotiate an overall course grade based on a jeopardized scholarship (or similar economic or social pressures). If you are concerned about your grades in the course, please arrange to meet with me to discuss your work far before the end of the semester.